Over 30 years ago, Agorespace created the concept of Multi Use Games Area. As an unrivalled leader on the market, Agorespace offer the most relevant and widest range of solutions for multisports facilities. Our broad experience and team of sports specialists are dedicated to help and advise you, for the success of your projects.

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Let's build eco-citizen city-dwellers together!

Concerned about preserving our environment, we have questioned the impact of our sports fields throughout their life cycle (extraction of raw materials up to...

For a citizen pedagogy

The creation of an Agorespace is a story of people and sports. The multi-sport field is intended for youth and the entire community. We are committed (risk contract...

Quality as a primary requirement

Agorespace is ISO 9001:2008 certified for all its processes. The choice of materials, the study of assemblies, the tests carried out before marketing,...

Respect for users

High-performance equipment ensuring quality, and thus the pleasure of "playing sports" in a secure space in which playability for all users of all ages and all...

Our responsibility towards our customers

Agorespace's responsibility is to provide transparent advice so that the investment is satisfactory to all, over time. A working method that focuses on listening,...

Multisport field specialist

Agorespace is the only specialist in multisport terrain with more than 4000 locations in France and Europe to date, a success due to our unceasing commitment to...

Responsible teams

Agorespace's employees have personal sporting and civic backgrounds, they have faith in the virtues of sport and living together. They are involved in a process...

A passion for sport

A generous blend of heart, mind and performance. On the heart side, the passion, the passion for sport and the passion for entrepreneurship to encourage people to meet each other, to give something to live for...

Added values

The implementation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on our former Alu-Bois range allows us to offer you a brand new series of eco-friendly citystays. This is a real innovation on the multi-sport market but it is also a guarantee of our involvement and our desire to raise awareness of the effects of sports activity on the environment.

The environment, a design criterion

All our equipment is the result of dynamic and permanent R&D to provide our customers and users with the safest, most durable and best finished terrains: welds are almost eliminated for greater strength, our surface treatments allow guarantees of 20 to 30 years, the peripheral base is designed for all climates...

Innovative & exclusive technologies

Available in standard or custom sizes, our range of land from 150m2 to 1000m2 and over, is available in several types of manufacturing (finishes and materials). Each type of land is adapted to a specific use and each production is designed for a specific context.

The widest range of the market

Get involved with you: An Agorespace is a human adventure to live together. In addition to the equipment, we advise, train the teams and propose an educational project for the young people. We support young people and leaders in all phases of the project. BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the installation of an Agorespace, it is the Agorespace involvement contract.

User involvement

Agorespace remains among the companies whose products are entirely designed and mainly manufactured in France. The steps are underway to obtain the "Label Origine France Garantie" in April 2013.

French design & manufacturing


N°1 on the
MUGA market
30 years of expertise
in 2019
A predominant role in 2
7th generation
of concepts
and dedicated
members of staff
in up to
35 countries
5000 Facilities at 2020
Up to
2100 Youth
45000Young people involved
in an Agorathlon
Up to
210 000 heures de travail réalisées
par des jeunes
107MUGAs installed
for the Italian Football
19 MUGAs
for the UEFA
1 MUGA owned by one
of the greatest
French Football Player


More than 30 people at your disposal, including...

Export Management Assistant
Communication & marketing manager
Sales Assistant
Et des commerciaux dans toute la France !