Materials, dimensions and equipment ... everything is adaptable to your needs, with four complete ranges of multisport fields and sports equipment on offer. AGORESPACE is also the complete set-up: athletics track, ballistic nets, games and furniture will advantageously complete your installation. You can even cover your Citystade¬ģ to benefit from it 365 days a year.

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Multisports Handball Field

The Hand is played inside the palisades of a citystade using the pediments and basketball boards as play partners. From 4 to 6 players or more, depending on the age and dimensions of the multisport field.

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passe handball

Multisports football field

The space available inside your citystade allows you to play soccer. The palisade, the pediments and the basketball boards are then real playing partners. The ball used can be a classic soccer ball, futsal or footschool (to limit the noise and not hurtful).

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Badminton multisports ground

We use a more or less reduced space to play badminton on a multisports ground depending on the level and the number of players. All you need is snowshoes and a steering wheel to play in a convivial atmosphere.

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Multisports tennis court

Tennis is played on a multi-sports ground with rackets and tennis balls for beginners with limited reband or half court ball. The height of the net is 1 m. The number of players ranges from 2 to 4 on the field.

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Multisports basketball court

A basketball game can be played on an Agorespace with a different panel height. Indeed the height of the basket can be adjusted to allow everyone to play whatever the age and level of play.

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passe au basketball

Multisports volleyball field

To play volleyball on an Agorespace citystade, you must first determine the height of the net by choosing between a height of 2.20 m – 2.34 m – 2.50 m for adults or 1.37 m – 1 , 51 m or 1.65 m for the youngest.

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passe au volleyball

Multisports hockey field

Field hockey is played with one cross per player with a hockey ball or, failing that, a tennis ball. The rules are the same as for kick-in football where the ball is thrown.

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Multisports track and field

A multisports ground as its name suggests allows you to practice several disciplines. Some modules can be added to this field, thus further expanding the number of sports practices such as an athletics track all around the field.

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Multisports field Tennis-Ball

For the practice of ball tennis, the net must be at a height of 1 meter. This sport is played by 3 to 6 players, it is also called futnet or football tennis.

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Futsal multisports ground

The Futsal multisports ground allows the practice of Futsal outside the halls. For this sport it is necessary to constitute 2 teams which will oppose on a ground with a futsal ball … it is a derivative of football with some variants.

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passe futsal