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Citystade : What is the Total Cost of Ownership ?

Citystade : What is the Total Cost of Ownership ?

Savvy shoppers will not only compare the starting amounts of the investment, but also the predictable costs over the life of the equipment. This is what we call the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The TCO represents the overall cost of ownership of the equipment throughout its life cycle, taking into account direct costs (investment, labor ...) and all indirect costs (maintenance, cleaning ...).

Obviously, if a sports facility had to be replaced faster than another, the cost of this new investment would have to be taken into account on a pro rata temporis basis when calculating comparative TCO.

Design of a MUGA can have significant impacts on maintenance costs reduction. As an example, a space between the ground and the fences will enable natural evacuation of water and rubbish, minimizing cleaning operations. The same way, the use of non-return stainless steel bolts will allow easy disassembly even after several years, and reduce the frequency of controls (anti-return bolts loose much less), and thereby lower maintenance costs.

Similarly, the use of more sustainable materials and high-quality surface treatments will significantly reduce maintenance costs while ensuring a longer service life to the equipment.