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The NF-EN 15312 standard

The NF-EN 15312 standard

Installation of a multisports facility like a Citystadium is submitted to various standards. The major one is with no doubt the NF-EN 15312 dedicated to “free access sports facilities”, which succeeds to the NF 52 901 dedicated to “community sports facilities”.

This standard was published in 2007 and ratified by 27 countries member of the EU.

Broadly speaking, requirements of the EN 15312 are as follows:

  • Ensure structural integrity thanks to tests on kicks and balls impacts, realized on the fencing
  • Prevention of climbing up to 1m high
  • Exclusion of protruding angles (smooth welds, threaded studs covered…)
  • Exclusion of risks of entrapment (neck, fingers, hands…)
  • Exclusion of crushing or shearing points
  • Information of users (phone number and name of the administrator for maintenance…)

The standard also includes specific requirements in the use of:

  • Basketball backboards (sturdiness of the backboard, hoop and net)
  • Football/Handball/ Hockey goals

Agorespace led to the creation and actively contributed to the drafting of the NF-EN 15312 standard.