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NF EN 15312: height of the low perimeter fence

NF EN 15312: height of the low perimeter fence

Perimeter fencing is a crucial element of the multisports ground as it acts like a playing partner and keeps the ball into play.

The EN 15312 standard strictly regulates the height of the perimeter fencing, that should be between 0.9 m and 1 m.

The minimum height (0.9 m) will prevent the users from tripping over the fencing when running into the pitch. Beyond a maximum height of 1m, the fencing must be designed to discourage the users into climbing or standing on it. It is therefore of great interest for the supplier to propose perimeter fencing having height comprised between 0.9m and 1m, both for the respect of the standard and not to interfere in the playing and sports activities of the users.

Agorespace perimeter fencing is 0.97 m high, this specific height having specific advantages. Agorespace Citystadium have been designed as meeting points; a relevant height of perimeter fencing, combined to a large handrail, enable users to sit-down comfortably to wait their turn or watch the others play. The selected height also offers a safety margin to absorb imperfections in the flatness of the platform.

Be careful with a perimeter fencing that is announced by its suppliers as 1m high: any imperfection in the flatness of the platform could lead to a fencing that is finally up to 1m high, and therefore not compliant with the standard requirements if climbing appears too easy.