Health & Education

8 sports and multiple activities. The sports practice on the Agorespace is at the same time diverse, educational and fun. Designed by a team of professional athletes and trainers, the field allows you to discover ball games, balls and practicable activities on the ground.

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Developed by sports people and teachers

Agorespace is above all a team of sports people and experienced sports teachers, who understand young people, sport and local needs. They put their know-how at the disposal of local authorities. Agorespace puts a clear line marking on the ground, with no overlapping lines, that allows at least 8 sports to be played.

un jeu de volley avec une formation pour les jeunes

An entertaining and educational tool

The Agorespace is a fun, educational tool that is an invitation to discover and an initiation to ball games as well as floor-based activities. The Agorespace’s flexibility, its ergonomic design, its size and its level of safety make it privileged tool for sports lessons in schools, allowing pupils to discover and have an introduction to 8 basic sports.


Dedicated ranges

Agorespace has perfected a range especially for ages 5-12, a court that is adapted to children. Made-to-measure dimensions, nets and an artificial grass floor covering for authentic feel, a wide handrail for resting, panels and sportswalls that are game partners… all of these elements make up the Agorespace JUNIOR range.

terrain junior agorespace