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Developed by sports people and trainers

Agorespace is first and foremost a team of experienced sports people and sports trainers who are knowledgeable about young people, sport and local authorities. They put their know-how at the service of communities and local authorities. Agorespace places clear, educational outlines at your disposal, with no overlapping lines, allowing at least 8 sports to be played.

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A unique project

Agorespace guidance measures consist in putting different events in place throughout the development of your project: an informational meeting to raise awareness among young people and local inhabitants, the hiring of 2 young people during the mounting of the Agorespace and organising the launch of the ball court with a demonstration.

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Equipment for every budget

Agorespace offers you the widest multi-sport range on the market. From a sportswall to a complete MUGA concept with multisport lines, we have the solution to your budgetary requirements and we can adapt to them. Whatever your project, our advisors will be able to assist you in your approach.

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