Agorespace, specialized in multiuse game areas and sports courts

Multisports Fields

To make sure all of people’s city enjoy fresh air, Agorespace conceives multiuse game areas. The objective is to bring people together in an arena made for sports. So, children and adults could practice and play football, basketball, handball or many other activites. These multisports fields give free access to make sure anyone can enjoy it.

Distributors’ Network

Agorespace ensure a close relationship with their distributors who share the same values and priorities over quality of the products, security of the users and respect of the environment. Thanks to a strong network of distributors, Agorespace are close to the final customers.

Agorespace’s Expertise

Thanks to an acquired expertise for more than 30 years now, Agorespace offer MUGAs and its services. To achieve it, we keep ourselves implicated in your projects on both ends. Indeed, we are focused before the installation, during and after it. From the beginning of your project, we stand by your side to help you find the solution that matches your needs, whether it is in terms of innovation, of security, activities or environment.
Moreover, we keep an eye over your arenas after the installation. Indeed, we make sure to have the spare parts needed to repair your fields on the long term.

Besides the presence at all steps of your projects, we are happy to offer customized solutions. Each project is unique and has its own constraints and its own rules, Agorespace supply to its customers customized areas.
To achieve it, we study your expectations and we take your budget into account. It allows you to define the main features of your arena and its design.



Agorespace aluminium bois classic avec 4 mini but brésilien au sein des bâtiments