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Before, during and after the installation, we remain at your side to guarantee the success of your project over time. The length of the guarantees that we offer with our ball courts are among the longest on the market, and their design is chosen to minimise maintenance operations.

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Installation guarantees

Installation guarantees

The guarantees cover the free supply by Agorespace of Agorespace components recognized as defective.

They also cover their free delivery to the customer’s address and take effect the day after the end of work date mentioned on the works acceptance sheet.

Warranties are excluded if the Agorespace concepts and components have not been installed in accordance with the instructions provided by Agorespace (installation instructions).

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AGORESPACE courts are designed to minimise maintenance operations. However, it is recommended to establish and keep up to date an annual procedure for inspection and maintenance.

This maintenance can be carried out by local authority’s services or by an AGORESPACE head of assembly within the context of a maintenance service.

The maintenance contract aims at guaranteeing the longevity of the material, guaranteeing the ongoing safety of users and ensuring that you receive a specialist service!