Rural District

Countryside villages want to look after their young people too, but there is often a preference for equipment that will integrate into the landscape and that can also be used by the school teacher, a project in which the local population is truly involved. Agorespace products, particularly the Aluminium/Wood and Steel/Wood ranges have been designed to respond to these specific needs and to offer everyone a marvellous tool for health, happiness, sport and community spirit!

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Integration into the landscape

Original design, the use of wood in three of our ranges, a choice of colours, the use of artificial turf as the floor covering, careful finishes…these all contribute to harmonious integration, even in the most natural of settings.

intégration dans le paysage

A real harmonious tool for everyone

Because your sports area will be used by the young and the not-so-young, and often the local school and sports clubs, we systematically equip it with the elements necessary to make it a real harmonious tool at everyone’s disposal.

intégration dans le paysage

Full guidance

Throughout the project, your regional manager will guide you and involve the local community in the project in line with your recommendations. Hiring two local youths to participate in the mounting is also possible, in full agreement and coordination with the local services, as well as training for teachers and trainers to ensure optimal use of the sports area.

une équipe engagée