Futsal Multisports Ground

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Construction and installation of synthetic pitches for futsal

Develop sports areas in your municipality with Agorespace, specialist in the construction of fustal grounds. We have designed Agofoot specifically for the most popular sport in France.

Thanks to a synthetic grass (22 or 50mm) and 2 futsal goals, we offer you a complete field intended only for the practice of football. 2 pediments stop the shots and prevent the ball from leaving the field while the palisades incorporate two 5m openings for the entry of the teams.

In addition to the Agofoot, we offer the construction of futsal and multisport fields that can be personalized by different layouts and modules:

  • brasilia mini goals;
  • agoratop to cover the entire football field;
  • etc.

Tell us about your project, your needs and your constraints! Our specialists are responsible for the construction of a suitable futsal field that meets EN and NF safety standards.

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