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Here is an installation of an AE 150 alu wood first in spain, in the small town of Escorial 1 hour from the spanish capital Madrid.
the multisport field motivate local residents to practice sport.
this space adapted to be able to play basketball, football, handball and many other sports let's keep a healthy life.

The multisport field brings together members of the community, whether young or old, around a common activity. This promotes meetings, exchanges and strengthens social ties between the habitants of the municipality. It can also be used for sporting events or tournaments, further enhancing the sense of community.

Regular physical activity on a multisport field can help improve mental health. Physical exercise helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression, while promoting the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones. A AE 150 ALU WOOD FIRST ground therefore offers a space conducive to improving the mental health of the residents.

A multi-sport court allows individuals to develop various skills, such as coordination, agility, endurance and concentration. Regular practice of a sport also promotes learning the rules, fair play and teamwork, which can be beneficial.

A well-maintained and attractive multi-sports ground can become a focal point of the municipality, improving the aesthetics of the public space. It can attract residents and even outside visitors, thus reinforcing the positive image of the municipality.

A multi-sports ground can serve as a place of entertainment and activities for the young people of the municipality. By offering them a healthy and supervised space to practice sports, it can help prevent juvenile delinquency by occupying young people in a positive way and distancing them from risky behavior.

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