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The city stadium installed in the Oise at Lamécourt, allows the practice of 8 sports: football, handball, basketball, field hockey, tennis, ball tennis, volleyball and badminton.

the city stadium located in Lamécourt, in the Oise, which allows the practice of eight different sports. This multi-sport facility provides a wide range of opportunities for residents to engage in a variety of sporting activities, promoting both physical fitness and community cohesion.

Sports have a unique ability to bring people together, to foster teamwork, camaraderie and a sense of belonging. The availability of multiple sports in the stadium provides residents with the opportunity to join teams, compete, and develop lasting relationships with other athletes.

Such interactions help create a strong community fabric, where people from diverse backgrounds come together to pursue common goals and enjoy shared experiences. In addition, the presence of a well-equipped sports facility such as the Lamécourt Municipal Stadium demonstrates the community's investment in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. It encourages residents to engage in regular physical activity, which has many physical and mental health benefits.

The stadium serves as a hub for recreational activities and provides opportunities for people of all ages to stay fit, have fun and pursue their sporting passions. the multi-sports facility opens the doors to the organization of local tournaments, inter-community matches and sporting events.

These events can attract participants and spectators from the community and neighboring areas, thereby building community pride and unity. They also provide an opportunity for residents to cheer on their local teams, fostering a sense of collective identity and support.

The city stadium of Lamécourt in the Oise, with its diversity of sports offers, plays an essential role in strengthening community cohesion. It provides residents with a platform to play sports, develop relationships and lead active lives. By fostering social connections and promoting physical well-being, the stadium helps create a vibrant and close-knit community.

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