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During our multisport field inaugurations, we offer communities an activity that allows residents to realize the benefits of the city stadium and the multitude of activities that can be done there.

The regional organizer usually arranges a human football game. Watch the video to see what it looks like.

This is an excellent initiative that allows residents to discover the benefits of the city stadium and become familiar with the various activities they can engage in. Here are some ideas for activities that could be offered:

  • Friendly tournaments: Organize friendly tournaments or competitions in various sports to encourage active participation from residents. You can have short-duration matches to accommodate as many people as possible.
  • Challenge courses: Create activity courses with different physical challenges suitable for all fitness levels. This can include jumps, slaloms, precision throws, coordination exercises, and more.
  • Team games: Offer team-based games that emphasize cooperation, communication, and teamwork. For example, relay races, coordination games, or collective skill games.
  • Group training sessions: Organize group training sessions led by qualified coaches or instructors. This can include fitness classes, yoga, dance, or other similar activities.

The aim of these activities is to encourage residents to lead an active lifestyle, showcase the variety of activities available at the city stadium, and motivate them to regularly use the facilities. These events can also promote the development of a local sports community and strengthen bonds among residents.

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