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Discover the AE 300 all-steel  in Lampaul Plouarzel (29) featuring 4 mini Brazilian goals, a 2-lane track, and a rear kit.

Designed to meet your sports practice needs, this versatile space promises unforgettable moments of entertainment and training.

Imagine a place where you can play football, develop your agility and precision, all while having fun. Our 4 mini Brazilian goals are designed for small group matches to provide an exciting gaming experience. Regardless of your skill level, whether you are a beginner or an expert, the AE 300 is open to everyone.

But that's not all! Our facility also includes a 2-lane track for those who want to work on their speed and endurance. This track offers a dedicated space for improving your athletic performance.

And for those who want to practice other sports, our rear kit allows you to play basketball. You can unleash your creativity and organize tournaments with friends or family.

The AE 300 is an all-steel complex, ensuring strength and durability. Our team has ensured that the facilities are secure and compliant with the highest quality standards, so you can enjoy your sports experience with peace of mind.

Whether you are a resident of Lampaul Plouarzel or a passing visitor, we invite you to come and discover the AE 300. It is a place where you can have fun and create memorable moments.

Join us in Lampaul Plouarzel and enjoy our all-steel AE 300. Come and experience unique sports moments!

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