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The Agorespace multisports ground is modular, you can add different options. Here, the municipality of Saint Germain Lespinasse (42) has chosen to add a Rear Kit, which allows you to enlarge the play area.

The Agorespace multisports ground is indeed modular, which means that it can be adapted and personalized according to the needs of the municipality or the place where it is installed. Adding a Rear Kit is one of the possible options to enlarge the play area and offer more activities to users.

The Rear Kit is generally made up of different elements that can be attached to the rear of the existing multi-sport field. These elements may include structures such as additional basketball backboards, additional football goals, handball nets, rebound walls for tennis or squash, volleyball nets, etc.

The addition of a Rear Kit allows you to expand the possibilities of play and to practice a greater variety of sports on the same court. It also provides the flexibility to meet changing user needs and to run competitions or tournaments involving multiple sports.

It is interesting to note that each municipality or each place can choose the options that best suit their specific needs. Thus, the choice to add a Rear Kit to the Agorespace multisports ground in the municipality of Saint Germain Lespinasse (42) demonstrates their desire to offer a versatile and adaptable play area for local residents.

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