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first 450 alu bois 33 tresses

the municipality of Tresses, in Gironde, has decided to install a multi-sports ground in AE 450 alu wood first, accompanied by a peripheral track. A multi-sports ground offers the possibility of sports to allow residents to practice different sports and physical activities.

The use of Alu wood for the construction of the pitch can offer several advantages. Aluminum is a light, strong and durable material. Wood can also be used to provide a warm and natural aesthetic. Aluminum Wood for the field is interesting, because this material combines both the lightness of aluminum and the resistance of wood. This can provide a strong and durable playing surface that can withstand extreme weather conditions and usage.

Installing a perimeter track around the multi-sport field can be beneficial for several reasons. This can allow users to jog, walk or cycle around the terrain, providing an additional option for exercise and fitness. In addition, it can help to delimit the space of the field and to separate the sports activities.

A AE 450 Alu Wood first and a peripheral track offer leisure and sports opportunities for the residents of Tresses. These facilities can encourage a healthy lifestyle, promote socialization and build a sense of community.

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