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The AGORESPACE multi-sports field with frontons in the town of Betton (35) offers a diverse sports experience along with a multi-sports layout and a 3-lane track.

The municipality of Betton (35) has chosen to install a multi-sports field for sports enthusiasts in our beautiful town. It not only includes versatile sports equipment but also features two frontons for even more diverse sports activities. The field is equipped with a multi-sports layout and a painted track.

This multi-sports field will be a dedicated space for various sports activities, providing an opportunity for all Betton residents to have fun and stay active.

We have carefully selected high-quality equipment to ensure an optimal sports experience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this multi-sports field will be a suitable place for sharing friendly moments.

The implementation of this multi-sports field with two frontons is an initiative supported by the municipality. It encourages sports participation and promotes the well-being of all Betton residents.

Whether you are passionate about football, basketball, handball, tennis, or volleyball, this adapted facility will allow you to train, have fun, and share enjoyable moments with friends and neighbors.

We are convinced that this new multi-sports field will contribute to enhancing the sports vitality of our town. It will be a gathering place where the passion for sports and camaraderie blend to create a dynamic and warm atmosphere. We invite everyone to come and discover this new multi-sports field to enjoy the benefits of sports.

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