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Agorespace 450 ACIER BOIS CLASSIC - FLOURE (11)

The municipality of Floure as well as sports associations benefit from their AGORESPACE multi-sports ground.

Our multi-sports ground is the preferred location for various sports associations that take advantage of its exceptional facilities. Our grounds are home to a vibrant football association which offers regular training and competitions for players of all levels and ages.

The football association provides a platform for fans of this popular sport. Our AGORESPACE FLOURE is also used by an association which encourages the practice of collective sports such as volleyball, handball… The members of the association meet for training sessions and tournaments, creating a dynamic and friendly atmosphere. These sports associations benefit from the multi-purpose facilities of our multi-sports ground. They provide opportunities for sport, competition and skill development.

Members of these associations benefit from a stimulating environment, camaraderie and a shared passion for their respective sport. Whether you are interested in football, basketball, tennis or another sport, our AGORESPACE multisport field offers an inclusive space.

Join one of these sports associations in Floure and discover an active and dynamic community ready to welcome you and encourage you on your sporting journey.

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