Handball multi-sports fields

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Construction of a city stadium for handball

With Agorespace, handball is also practiced on our multisport fields. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of sport for all, Agorespace supports you in your multisport field construction projects. We have long understood that the practice of handball was developing in France. Our fields allow the practice of handball whether in a recreational, school or free. Our citystades are equipped with all the equipment for playing handball: Goals with square posts Specific route with delineation of the goalkeeper area, the penalty spot and the halfway line Palisades that can serve as play partners Agorespace is also developing support measures for your handball field construction project. Information meeting, hiring of young people, discovery days, teacher training … This is the Agorespace involvement contract. We are very careful to respond perfectly to your needs and specifics. We also offer different modules and customization possibilities. The Agoratop roof or an athletics track can thus be integrated into the construction of your handball field.

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