Multisports Hockey Fields

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Construction and installation of synthetic hockey fields

You dreamed of a city stadium allowing the practice of free access hockey, Agorespace did it! Since 1990, we have been designing high-quality city stadium multisports fields for hockey, which are mainly found in municipalities in France and Europe.

Our fields, which have a unique layout, allow the practice of multiple sports. This allows the practice of hockey. During discovery days, for school activities or free practice, it is possible to play field hockey and optionally play ice hockey.

It is even possible to add modules on the hockey fields to increase the possibilities of playing:

Agoratop: our outdoor cover that protects from bad weather or hot weather
Brasilia mini-goals: embedded in the palisades, they allow you to practice games simultaneously across the width.

Quality and safety are essential elements at Agorespace. We are ISO 9001 certified and are at the origin of 2 standards (NF-EN 15312 and NF 52-901) fully respected during the construction of our hockey fields.