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NF EN 15312: the duty to inform users

NF EN 15312: the duty to inform users

The supply of an informative panel is among the requirements of the EN 15312 standard. A requirement that is, too often, overlooked by the multisports grounds suppliers.

As stipulated in the EN 15312 standard, free access multisports facilities ought to be supplied with an informative panel indicating, notably:

  • Facilities and equipment not suitable for children under 36 months of age
  • Do not climb onto the structure or the nets
  • Do not hang on the basketball hoop
  • Do not wear any rings or other jewellery because they might get stuck and cause injuries
  • Name and phone number of either the administrator or the person in charge of maintenance
  • Phone number to call in the event of an accident


For economical reasons, a great number of suppliers “forget” to customize the panels with the name o