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Which standards are applicable to your ball court ?

Which standards are applicable to your ball court ?

The standards and decrees directly applicable to MUGAs are:

  • NF-EN 15312 standard for "Free access sports facilities"
  • Decree n ° 96-495 of 4th June 1996 dealing with "Safety Requirements applicable to football goals, handball goals, field and indoor hockey goals, as well as basketball backboards."

Compliance with the standard is a guarantee of seriousness and commitment to the safety of the users. Although a standard is not mandatory, it should be noted that in case of accident, the judge will first look at the normative document associated to the type of equipment. For a ball court, the judge will check whether the mayor,when buying, asked the supplier for the certificates and test reports carried out by independent laboratories. If not, the criminal liability of the mayor may be engaged!

The Decree has force of law. Checking compliance of the equipment to the Decree is compulsory.
Regis Kaskosz, our Managing Director, led the European working group that drafted the EN15312 standard.