Classic court

All steel


Composition of the multi-sports field All steel

  • Composition of the All Metal Classic multi use sports area
    • 2 All Steel sportswalls (9 m wide – 3 m high)
    • Side fences (around 0.95m high), posts and borders in TRIPLEX treated steel (pre-galvanisation + cataphoresis + thermo-lacquering). 20 year guarantee
    • Anodised, textured aluminium hand rails
    • 2 football/handball goals equipped with a 3m x 2m reinforced net
    • 2 height adjustable basketball sets (2.65m – 2.85m – 3.05m) Tested at 640 kg
    • Multi-purpose posts + central net with tension system (tennis, badminton, football tennis, volleyball,…)
    • Assembly without soldering, thermoplastic linking parts. 10 year guarantee
    • Sanded 20mm artificial pitch with integrated multi-sport lines. 8 year guarantee
    • Shock and vibration absorbers in thermoplastic elastomer. 10 year guarantee
    • Stainless steel screws completely hidden by anti-vandalism caps.

Available sports


Technical datasheet

List of concepts (other dimensions, please consult us)

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AE 250 Classic All Steel - 22.02m X 12.12m
AE 300 Classic All Steel - 24,66m X 12,12m
AE 450 Classic All Steel - 29,62m X 15,16m
AE 650 Classic All Steel 36,90m X 17,12m
AE 850 Classic All Steel 39,90m X 20,12m
AE 950 Classic All Steel 42,90m X 20,12m

Technical Advantages

Doubled guarantee thanks to “Triplex”

The steel profiles of the goals, posts and boards receive a triple anti-corrosion treatment (pre-galvanisation of the metal sheet, then cataphoresis, then thermo-lacquering). This triple treatment allows us to offer a 20 year guarantee where other market players, in 2011, were only offering a 10 year guarantee.

Specific steel profiles for a better finish

The profiles used for the fence posts and sportswall frames were specifically developed for optimum mechanical resistance. They allow the unattractive and potentially dangerous edge of the metal boards to be protected. The production process (cold-formed) is automated, meaning that there is a clear improvement in quality.

A particularly solid basketball set

The resistance of the basketball set was officially tested at a weight of 640kg, which is double the 320 kg required by the norm EN 15312, as proof of its solidity.

Ultra-resistant goal nets and a mounting system that reduces wear and tear

Free access goal nets wear out very quickly, so Agorespace decided to equip its All Metal designs with reinforced nets (steel cable and fire-retardant sheath).
The company has also developed an almost indestructible mount, “pinching” the net to reduce friction and therefore wear and tear. A goal bars option is also available.

Almost no soldering for more solidity

Soldering is a weak point in ball courts because the welds can break due to the vibrations generated by the ball contact on one hand, and because they are generally located in the place where the surface treatment will come off first. Almost all soldering has been eliminated from Agorespace courts.

Plates are fixed more solidly

Each steel plate is bolted at four points on the frame where other companies only use screws.
The bolts are all capped, which makes them inaccessible.